Parallel Barking

Here at Newtown Motors we’ll freely admit that parallel parking isn’t our favourite part of driving. So we were more than a little impressed to see this marvellous mutt’s miraculous manoeuvring!

We’ll apologise now for some of the rather ‘ruff’ pooch-related puns that follow!

Do you make a dog’s dinner of parking?

We’ve probably all had our fair share of blunders behind the wheel when it comes to parallel parking but the new Corsa makes it so easy, even a dog could do it!

In the latest TV ad for the new Vauxhall Corsa, “Parallel Barking”, the car’s Advanced Park Assist gets tested out with Gerty the boxer behind the wheel! Here’s how he got on!

Make paw performance a thing of the past

Passers-by on Wimbledon High Street in London were clearly impressed by Gerty’s canine car-driving skills, managing to avoid kerbside scrapes and nearby parked cars.

The video-makers may have admitted that the footage was a stunt, but the Corsa's new advanced technology, which is an optional extra, does automatically detect parking spots and computes the perfect manoeuvres to get into it safely and swiftly.

Take the lead in a new Corsa

But that’s not all, the new Corsa also comes with extras like 4G Wi-Fi, a heated windscreen, steering wheel, seats and door mirrors, Hill Start Assist that automatically stops it from rolling backwards, Apple CarPlay that lets you hook up your iPhone to the seven-inch touchscreen, and it can even read road signs before you do!

You’ll be begging for a test drive

We’ll leave the last words to Gerty, who was howling its praises. "People are often worried, even scared of parallel parking, especially if you've just passed your test and driving in busy, built-areas. Through my acting debut in the Corsa with Advanced Park Assist I've demonstrated how this technology can help you find a parking space and steer you into the spot. You'd be barking mad, not to try it out."

And it looks like Gerty has inspired some other parallel barkers to get behind the wheel...

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